We flew from Munich to Amsterdam in the afternoon and arrived a little bit on the later side. We ended up taking the metro from the airport to a stop about ten minutes from our Airbnb. We wheeled our bags through the quiet streets and were welcomed by our host at our Airbnb for the next few nights. We were lucky enough to stumble upon a truly lovely apartment on the East Side of Amsterdam. We honestly took a bit of a risk when booking it since it only had one other review, but I am so glad we did! The room was perfect and even had a tv that rose from the footboard of the bed (so cool). After we freshened up a bit, we headed out to grab some dinner at a nearby restaurant we found through TripAdvisor. Described as an “Aussie Bar” we didn’t really know what to expect, but Drover’s Dog was actually delicious. We both got the burger and it was absolutely one of the best I’ve had. After a glass of wine (or three… it was Valentines Day!) we headed back to our apartment for some much needed rest.

We woke up to some rain but headed out anyways for the metro. We ended up buying a 3-day pass for their public transportation because it wasn’t too expensive and we quickly had realized that we couldn’t finagle our way out of paying for tickets (I know, bad) at this stop on our trip. Our first stop of the day was to Gartine, a small cafe just down an alleyway off of one of the main streets downtown. Gartine uses all fresh produce from their backyard garden and sources their dairy and eggs from local places. We both tried the Eggs Benedict and you could truly taste how fresh everything was. After finishing our tea and coffee we set out to explore. The only set plans we had for the day was a trip to the Anne Frank house in the middle of the afternoon, so we focused on just exploring the area around the museum before we had to line up for our entrance time (you MUST purchase tickets in advance online!). We ended up finding some beautiful side streets and stores and snapped some photos. We then ended up at a juice bar where we refueled before we wandered across the Canal to line up for our entrance time.

The Anne Frank House was a spectacular experience and very moving. There were moments I found myself choked up listening to others describe Anne and all the horrors she went through after her and her family were discovered in the secret annex. It was actually my (Emily’s) second time to the house, and I almost appreciated it more this time around. 10/10 a must see/do while in Amsterdam.

We spent the rest of the day wandering through the smaller streets of the Jordaan area of Amsterdam, popping into shops and grabbing pates frites to go with mayonnaise. We really spent all day out of our apartment and didn’t head back until late after a quick dinner and drink at Food Hallen. We took the tram back to our apartment and spent the rest of the night catching up on some Olympic coverage and reading our books.

We woke up a little later the next day and headed to a nearby place called Benji’s for a healthy breakfast before hopping back on the metro to go back to the city center. We had tickets for a tour of the Heineken factory so ended up wandering a bit through the Jordaan area (we couldn’t get enough) before hopping on the tram to take us over to Heineken.

We didn’t really know what to expect with the tour of the factory- but lemme just say, it was basically one giant party. The tour itself was very interesting and interactive with shaking floors and floor to ceiling screens. We ended up having a taster size of Heineken towards the end of the tour and then were ushered into their “bar” area where we were able to enjoy our two complimentary Heinekens. The room where we were able to order our beers was more nightclub then tasting room. There were a TON of people in it and all of them were having the times of their lives. We first tried the H41 beer which we both and never had before (delicious!) and then challenged ourselves to a contest against two other girls to see who could draft the perfect pour of Heineken. One girl got super lucky and had a textbook pour, but Maggie and I weren’t far behind!

We grabbed some Dutch pancakes and beers at a nearby restaurant and then headed home for a nap before a casual dinner near our apartment. Overall, we would both agree that Amsterdam has been our favorite destination so far. The city itself is beautiful and the food has been wonderful, too. We also sincerely enjoyed the attractions we paid for, and if we had had more time we would have loved to have gone to the Van Gogh Museum as well as the Rijksmuseum and maybe popped by the IAmsterdam sign! We can’t wait to visit again someday.


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