A German Cheers!

Dear Munich, thank you for surprising us with more charm and life than we expected!

But really, I’m serious when we say that while we were excited for all of our destinations….we just didn’t know what to expect from Munich. Does that sound bad? Regardless, we were oh so pleasantly surprised!

Munich had so much spunk and entertainment (it did help that we were visiting during their Mardi Gras festivities)! The city center known as Marienplatz is a must visit–even without Mardi Gras festivities, it offers an absurd amount of shops, from local hole-in-the-wall stores to massive shopping centers.

The center is home of the Theatine Church St. Cajetan, which is truly stunning. The architecture here was much more expressive and eccentric than we imagined!

Marienplatz offers tons of great eatery’s, shops, culture, (and with our luck) a ton of live dancing and singing, so we really enjoyed our exploration of this part of the city!

We highly recommend Hofbrahaus Brewery, which can be found here in Marienplatz. It is an extremely lively restaurant that is home to many of Munich’s beers. While you must go for the experience and the beer, of course, I will admit that their traditional German meal simply wasn’t great. Germans are known for their Knodels which are accompanied with gravy (knodels are best transalted as potato dumplings or potato balls), meat such as duck and pork, and sides such as red cabbage. Regardless of the food, this place offered us an experience (and beer) that you should not pass up!

With that being said, if you are looking to eat a super yummy, traditional German meal somewhere, look no further: Wirtshaus in der Au is your place. Like most of the German resturants, it offers large tables with long benches to accompany them, similair to community tables–if you arent able to sit in the small selection of two or four seaters and have a small group (i.e. there was only two of us), you sat at a community table. Again, more of an experience and you meet some cool people too! Anyways, if you are at all interested in the meal I described above, you must go here. The staff was super friendly, offered English menus (thank goodness), and made the experience phenomenal!

Okay, enough about food, for now (even though we can all agree to its importance!). More of our favorite experiences included the Munich Residence! This place was beautiful and offered so much history (thanks to our self-guided tour with headphones) and stunning details!

Not to mention that the German Monarchs were super into bones. Yes, you read that correctly. There was an entire room dedicated to preserved bones (bones of Saints) in their own intricate casing, also known as a Holy Relic. Cool, weird, disturbing? Yup, same.

Scholastic Nymphenburg is another must-see! Although the inside of the palace was closed the day we visited (yes, it was one of the very few days it shuts down….typical), it was still beautiful to walk around and study all of the details and precision. We took a long walk behind the palace, as well. Because it is winter, nothing is in bloom, but the grass was still fairly green and the trees and the water offered a sense of peace and serenity. It was a beautiful palace, and although we are sad that we couldn’t go inside, we are sure that it is totally worth it. I guess on the bright side, it saved us admission fees (LOL).

Overall, we loved our experience in Munich. We were pleasantly surprised by its charm and livelihood and enjoyed pretending we could drink like Germans (even if a giant liter of beer in a mug is seen as small!) Another piece of information that we wanted to make sure to include is the amount of health food stores, restaurants, and cafes they offered. There were juice bars everywhere, cafes that offered only coffee, tea, and açaí bowls, and so many organic places to shop at– it was quite refreshing if you will! In a few words we would describe Munich, Germany as: lively, healthy, and alcoholic! (I don’t know is healthy and alcoholic can go together, but if anyone can do it, it’s the Germans!)



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