Looking Back On Lucerne

Switzerland, as expected, was just dreamy! One of us (Maggie) had already been once before, many years ago, and had been extremely excited to head back and explore the beautiful country more. Emily was a first timer, but was just as eager to finally see Switzerland herself.

Starting with our airport experience, we were off to a rough start. Our plane out of Edinburgh, which had a connector to Paris, was delayed about an hour. This had our nerves racing because we hadn’t found out if our connecting flight into Zurich was also delayed, and if it was not–the chances of making our connecting flight were slim to none . One thing we wanted to note is that Edinburgh’s carry-on security was extremely strict with liquids. Being from the States, we are use to the constant struggle of keeping all liquids to a maximum size of 3 fl. oz., and we thought that was strict—no. Edinburgh requires that the liquids are not only under the 3 fl. oz. requirement, but that ALL liquids packed must fit into a large sandwich-bag-size and it must zip. Mind you, all of our liquids were under the liquid portions but because we are traveling for an entire month (make-up, toiletries, detergent), we had to part with many items that were of significance to our trip: all laundry detergent packets were thrown out, all lotions, perfumes, vitamin E oil….okay you get it, a lot! We’d be lying if we didn’t admit we were both devastated!

Nonetheless, an hour late, we boarded our plane, the plane was de-iced, and we took flight. We landed in Paris and much to our relief our connecting flight had been delayed about an hour or so. After running through the airport because we were still quiet nervous, we arrived with plenty time to spare! We grabbed some large and delicious macaroons and pulled up our books on our iPads.

We soon boarded our connecting flight in Paris and without issues, made it safely to the Zurich Switzerland Airport. After a quick bite to eat, we purchased our train tickets to take us from Zurich to Lucerne and walked across the street to board to train. Once we traveled by train to Lucerne, our AirBnb was only about a half a mile walk. Now about 9pm, after a very long and stressful day of traveling, we were ready to hit the hay and hit the ground running the next morning.

Our first day in Lucerne was filled with walks around the city, a walk across the oldest bridge in Europe, lots of chocolate and treats, a sweet little cafe with incredible crepes, and a trip up to Mount Pilatus.

While Mount Pilatus is a must, it is important that it is a clear day, or else the views are less than spectacular because you truly cannot see anything (the tickets are also very expensive 58 USD, and therefore more reason to want to make sure you are going to be able to get the full experience). Unfortunately, the day we went it was very foggy and the incredible views were not able to be captured. While this was unfortunate, the experience was still very cool and we enjoyed a nice local, cold brew at the top of the mountain!

With that being said, a crucial piece to note is that Switzerland is extremely expensive. We cannot emphasize this enough! We both knew going into this, that Switzerland was going to be our most expensive stop and that it would require a lot of precaution. Boy, even preparing ourselves for the costs was not enough! That beautiful and delicious crepe, pictured above, was nearly 18 USD, a latte was usually around 8 USD, and a simple burger with fries was 20 USD (don’t even get me started on 2.50 USD for cheese!!!). Okay, I’m done. But seriously, although we would never steer anyone away from the truly incredible Switzerland experience, it is very important to understand the cost.

Moving on, for the second day in Switzerland, we decided to take a day trip to Interlaken (something we were dying to do!). The train ride was 2 hours and again was expensive at about 68 USD, both ways. Totally worth it, nonetheless! One thing we were extremely excited about when arriving in Interlaken was the famous Harder Kulm mountain that is said to offer the best views of Interlaken, as well as Eiger, Month, and Jungfrau. Much to our dismay, Harker Kulm is closed in the winter. Can you say BUMMER! We were really looking forward to the views and the restaurant that sat at the top of the mountain and offered delicious fondue. Anyways, we choked down our sorrows and had a laugh–I mean what else can you do. We tried to look on the bright side and figured that the views were probably going to be very clouded and thus saving us money. We decided to walk around the very cute town. Fun fact: it is said the be THE safest place in the world! Anyways, after grabbing a quick bite to eat and grabbing some much needed chocolate, we set off to find a secluded spot that would offer gorgeous views of the lake. And that we did!

Switzerland is definitely a place that you just can’t get enough of. It offers an array of views, from mountains, to lakes, to slopes, to quiet and quaint towns—it really has it all. In a few words we would describe overall Switzerland as crisp, stunning, and blue!

Thanks for reading,


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