An Irish Experience

Hey ya’ll, we are so excited to finally shared some of our favorite moments, experiences, and thoughts from our trip to Dublin, Ireland.

First off we wanted to put an emphasis on the weather, especially for those of ya’ll who will be or want to travel during the winter months. In the best words: you will see all weather patterns in one day (except snow, they only get that MAYBE two days out of the year!). The first day we were there it rained, sleeted, the sun shined, and it was overcast.

Okay, so now that we have covered the weather patterns we came across in just a mere three days, we’ll get to the experiences! First and foremost, Guinness Storehouse is a must! Although it’s so touristy, it is truly so cool and fun! The tour cost 25 euros with our discount through Wild Rover Tours; this included a self tour throughout the vast and very interesting storehouse, a tasting that included a mini tutorial (if you will) and then a free pint of beer! Pretty cool and inexpensive experience if you ask us! The gravity bar is a necessity too; drink your free beer with an incredible view over the city of Dublin!

Since we are in Dublin, Ireland, we of course also had to do the Jameson Whiskey tour! The Irish sure do like to get their drink on and we couldn’t help but feel it was fitting to visit it all! Anyways, the Jameson tour was very cool as well, it was a guided tour; very sensory and educational. Our tour guide was hilarious and made the experience all the more entertaining. Although we are both NOT whiskey drinkers, the tasting was fun and it also included a free drink at the end–again must do!

We also booked a tour with Wild Rover Tours to see the Cliffs of Moher, Burren, and Galway. Everyone must do this, I repeat: everyone must do this. This was incredible–one of those truly jaw-dropping experiences as we saw all the sights we yearned to see. The Cliffs were the epitome of pictures do not do it justice, it was seriously stunning.

Burren was a quick stop on our tour, but nonetheless made an impact on us. We actually had no idea we were stopping here, so it was a surprise for us which made it even more magical! The best way to describe Burren would be beautiful, quaint, and zen, so zen!

Galway was the last stop of our tour before heading back to Dublin and it allowed us to see another city-like area, aside from Dublin, and experience even more culture and eateries. Not to mention, Ed Sheeran practiced and played here often before becoming a hit sensation (we love ourselves some Ed Sheeran!) The tour was 40 euros and more than worth it, actually quite inexpensive for all the driving and sights that were seen!

Our last day consisted of feeling more like townies than tourists. Finding a little breakfast nook was a must, there are so many cafes that are highly recommended and delicious. We found an amazing brunch place by St. Stephen’s Green that had a perfect avocado toast on soda bread (so Irish) and delicious lattes. We continued our self-guided culinary tour with a hole-in-the-wall Korean place for lunch called Brother’s Dosirak where we were able to get a huge bento box to share for only about ten Euros. It was in the back of an Asian grocery, which was odd, but only added to the charm. After our bellies were full, we visit Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells in the stunning library. Although considered one of the 100 things to see before you die, we have to admit it was a bit anti-climatic, but nonetheless gorgeous. At night after our last dinner we visited Temple Bar which is the lively part of Dublin, which is considered a very touristy place–but still a lively and young area with a lot of culture.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay in Dublin, and were in awe at the view that the countryside had to offer. In a few words we would describe Dublin, Ireland as metropolitan, alcoholic (LOL), and busy.

Thanks for reading and check back for our Scotland blog soon,


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