How We Chose Our Destinations And Why

Countdown to our trip is on: only 15 more days until we board our flight!

Deciding where to go on our trip was achieved by creating a wish list of places we have always wanted to see; which we then whittled down to a smaller list of places that were possible to see in a condensed itinerary. We then looked at flights for the sample itinerary we had created to see what would be the least expensive way to get to all the places we wanted to see. For example, we initially wanted to head to Madrid towards the beginning of our trip- but the flights from Edinburgh to Madrid were far too expensive and the flight we needed to take from Madrid to Zurich was only inexpensive on one day (which didn’t work out for us because that meant we only had 24 hours in Madrid). So, we cut out Madrid. It really wasn’t all that difficult to cut out portions of our trip that we had originally planned on because we would always try to either add a different city that was equally as interesting or distribute the days of the cut out city to add time to the places we were most interested in.

People have asked us how we decided where to go and how much time to spend in each place. I wouldn’t say it was an active decision, we simply decided on places we liked and then tried to figure out the least expensive way to get to those places. It turned out that flights rather than trains were the way to go due to pricing and time constraints. We were a little surprised by this, but every single one of our flights ended up being under $120 dollars. The problem with flying everywhere is that we realized we really needed to only take a carry on bag. Most of the European commuter airlines have very strict guidelines as to what is considered a carry-on bag and before we bought a suitcase I literally looked up the dimensions of each and every airline we were using to make sure the bag we bought would be able to be carried on (which, to be honest, may not happen on some of these flights because our bag is .85 inches longer than the regulated bin size on three of our flights- ugh).

Google Flights was a major help during our search because of their nifty calendar feature which allows you to see which days are going to be the least expensive. We ended up doing a bit of a round about trip plan because it was less expensive to fly from Munich to Amsterdam than it was to fly from Munich to Prague on the days we were looking at. So our map may look a little wonky- but we promise you that there was a method to the madness!

Anyways, we will be heading to…


We would absolutely appreciate any and all recommendations of things to do in these locations. Feel free to drop a comment below!



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