Abroad Packing Necessaties 

I suck at packing, No, really, I do. I am a notorious over packer and always leave everything for the last possible minute. I am also famous for leaving my stuff lingering in my suitcase for days after returning from a trip because I absolutely hate unpacking. So, this time around I knew I had to be extra diligent to pack and plan way in advance.

Maggie and I will be traveling with only carry on suitcases. For budget and sanity reasons we realized that paying to check baggage on each flight we were taking would cost us both time and money. SO, we decided carry on (and SMALL carry on because European flights are so stingy) was our best option.

Y’all. This is not going to be easy for me. It doesn’t help that we will be traveling in the cold. That means sweaters, leggings, and down coats are a necessity. This also means that we are going to be wearing a lot of the same clothes over and over again- which means we better be able to wash said clothing along the way. We specifically picked Airbnbs along our way that will have a washing machine where we can do some laundry. I also plan on packing sink laundry packets as well as individual load laundry detergent to use when we have access to a washing machine. I am a bit of a “clean” freak so being and feeling clean is of the utmost importance to me- washing underwear in the sink may become my new thing. 91bcuK9+DuL._SL1500_

Tide Travel Sink Packets

Packing in our small, 22 inch suitcase and fitting all that needs to fit into it may be tough, but we have both decided to buy compression bags (lets pray they actually work) to reduce the size of some of our bulkier items. I’ve also decided to purchase luggage cubes to try in vain to keep myself somewhat organized. The ones I found on Amazon are really cute and have three different sized clothes storage bags , one bra/underwear bag , one shoe bag , one small toiletry bag , one laundry bag. Hopefully by being able to compress my larger items into compression bags and packing the rest of my stuff into the cubes I’ll be able to fit everything I need for our month long trip.

OEE 7 pcs Luggage Packing Organizers Packing Cubes Set for Travel

Packing Cubes

While we are still a month out and haven’t actually packed anything up yet, we both plan on sharing our packing lists- so be sure to check back!



2 thoughts on “Abroad Packing Necessaties 

    1. I actually have before! It really helps to roll your clothes up tightly and then put as many as you can into the cube. Once you zip it it really consolidates everything!


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