Quickly Planning A Month Abroad

Phew! Planning a trip can be quite stressful, especially when the opportunity sneaks up on you and you have a month to plan all the bits and pieces. Totally NOT complaining though!

Soooo, we wanted to share with ya’ll just the fundamentals that went into planning this trip.

First off, we obviously had to pick our continent of choice. This was quite easy because both of us had talked about all the European countries we wanted to visit many times before. So Europe it was! Now what? Well, we decided on our time frame, which included personal logistics of how much time we could allow with a life we are leaving behind for a little. Three and a half weeks. Okay, where are we going? At first, we played around will all the places we wanted to go—-big dreams needed to slow down though. There simply wasn’t enough time to visit all the places we wanted to see AND be able to actually enjoy the locations! That meant that the list was narrowed down a little more.

Now, the hard part. We picked the continent, the length of travel, and the places, now we needed to book the Airbnb’s (this was ultimately the much cheaper option), the flights (some connecting to other flights, while others connecting to trains), and getting all the timings down to a “T”. With this came the heavy financial burdens of following a budget (THANK GOD EUROPEAN FLIGHTS AND TRAINS ARE SERIOUSLY CHEAP!!!!). Budgeting for overnight stays, tours and attractions, food, and the traveling expenses was not easy. This part is never easy though, so we didn’t expect anything less. When it came to ways of travel, our planning varied on the prices we could find—-meaning, if one day the train/plane was cheaper than the following day, we moved our itinerary around to save money. This was the hardest part by far, finding ways of travel and then having to move days around because one day the train is 20$ and then next day it’s 80$ (big difference when you are working with a budget). Will all of these components to account for, we used a Google Excel sheet to organize and this, my friends, was key.

As you can imagine, a lot goes into planning, too much to write in a blog, but we wanted to get the essentials out to y’all so you can follow along with all the steps that are leading up to our big trip! Of course, if y’all have any questions about specifics that went into our planning, we would love to answer them! I will attach the excel sheet we used to help organize everything. Believe us when we say this: GOOGLE DOCS/EXCEL WILL BE YOUR BEST FRIEND!

Follow along for our next blog about how we plan on packing for a whole month in one small carry-on bag.


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