Maggie’s Side Of The Story

I moved to Charleston, SC in June 2017 from a small town in Northern, VA. I graduated college from a liberal arts school in Virginia called Bridgewater College and I knew this was the perfect time to pick up and start over! Upon this move, I knew no one, not. a. single. person. Emily was the first friend that I was acquainted with. Oddly enough, Emily and I met through an old mutual friend–kinda like a blind date! Early on, I totally felt like she must have felt obligated to invite me places because I had no friends (shhh, she doesn’t know that). But it didn’t take long before we did everything together. We are very like-minded people with strong opinions–it’s a great combo (most of the time).

So, on to this decision to quit our jobs and travel.

Both of us always talked about traveling and our desire to do so. The talk of actually quitting our jobs and traveling was brought up lightly at first, and much like a joke- until it wasn’t. Joke after joke, we decided it wasn’t going to be a joke any longer. Both unhappy with our jobs and feeling like we were searching for more, we started to look for flights and plan out a month of travel. This was followed by organizing finances and breaking the news to our parents, and my boyfriend, whom I live with (and will be taking care of our sweet fur babies while I’m gone!). After much hesitation on both sides, we took a leap of faith and bought the tickets. With tickets now in our pockets, we are patiently (not really) awaiting our month of traveling Europe come February!!


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