Emily’s Side Of The Story

I’ve been in Charleston, South Carolina for five and a half years now. It is crazy to think that when I moved down here in 2012 to begin College of Charleston that I had no idea just how important Charleston would become to me. After I graduated in 2016 I couldn’t imagine leaving the city I had grown to love so much. I had a life here that I wouldn’t trade for anything, and amazing friends to share that life with.

I studied Hospitality and Tourism Management/ Sociology at C of C and was lucky enough to intern at a large hotel downtown during my senior spring. That internship turned into a job, which turned into a promotion- and suddenly I was two years into my job with not a moment to breathe. I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a lot during my life due to parents who love to do the same. It has always been such an integral part of my identity and I can’t imagine living without it. I have always wanted to do an extended trip abroad- traveling the world and living out of a small suitcase, but I was afraid of doing it alone. It isn’t easy to find a friend who is also willing to upend their life to travel as it is a very scary thing. Luckily, I met Maggie.


Maggie and I met on a blind-friend-date of sorts after a mutual friend of ours reached out to me that her best friend from college was moving to Charleston and that she didn’t know a soul. I had just had my wisdom teeth out (and so had my friend Christina who went with me to meet her, weirdly enough) and wasn’t feeling too good, but I am so glad that I went. Maggie and I became fast friends because of our eerily similar personalities, love of horses (both avid equestrians), love of red wine &eating out and of course, traveling.

I am so excited to share this journey with her and seriously can’t wait to officially pack our bags and hop on a plane. The next few months will be financially stressful and I’m sure we will have our ups and downs- but I know that in the end we will emerge stronger, more well rounded individuals with a better understanding of the world around us.

Till next Time,


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